Saltburn Hill Climb

Hundreds of spectators came to watch the annual historic hill climb on September 13, 2015 in Saltburn, England. The event is organised by Middlesbrough and District Motor Club and brings together the owners of numerous classic cars and motorcycles dating from the early 1900’s up to 1975 who take part in a non-competitive motor gathering and hill climb to test their machines on a steep hill on the outskirts of the town.


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A few coming through today at Saltburn was a good reason to spend the day surfing and then getting back in to shoot a few waterside…



IFXP0005 IFXP0010 IFXP0019 IFXP0039 IFXP0048 IFXP0120 IFXP0130 IFXP0153 IFXP0160 IFXP0169 IFXP0174 IFXP0187 IFXP0201 IFXP0239 IFXP0243 IFXP0254 IFXP0278 IFXP0310 IFXP0320 IFXP0387 IFXP0408 IFXP0459 IFXP0505 IFXP0528

All the shots in this set were taken using a Fujifilm_X_Pro 1 camera with an 18mm f2 lens inside a Dicapac WP_S3 waterproof case.



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Coming from coal seams in sea cliffs or underwater deposits centuries old coal is deposited on the beach as the tide drops at Saltburn following strong seas over previous days.

Traditionally collected and used for heating, cooking and garden nutrient it is thought that European cultures dating back to the Romans and before used sea-coal.  In places where this coal occurred it could be a dependable source of fuel and there were professional sea-coal gatherers and small local industries that existed to gather and sell the coal.  This tradition continues in many areas, particularly in northern Britain as other sources of fuel become more expensive.


Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0001 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0002 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0003 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0004 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0005 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0006 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0008 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0010 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0012 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0013





Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0015 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0016 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0017 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0018 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0019 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0020 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0021 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0022 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0023 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0024 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0025 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0026 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0027 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0028 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0029 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0030 Saltburn_Sea_Coal_0031




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