Nagar Kirtan

Hundreds of members of the Sikh community celebrate the Nagar Kirtan Sikh Festival in Middlesbrough today with a parade through the town. The festival celebrates love, happiness, and peace, from people from all backgrounds and religions.     See more of my work on my website and blogs…. HERE Images copyright Ian Forsyth. No usageContinue reading “Nagar Kirtan”

The Pilgrims

Around one hundred pilgrims from Northern Cross celebrated Easter today by crossing over the mudflats to the island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland. On what was the final leg of their week long journey as they walked from many parts of northern England the pilgrims, many barefoot, walked the two and a half miles along theContinue reading “The Pilgrims”

The Great North Passion

The Great North Passion event held today, Good Friday, in Bents Park in South Shields, England involved the telling of the Easter Passion story by collaborating with local artists who were commissioned to transform metal shipping containers into artistic works reflecting many regions and issues from around the northeast. The 60 containers were then placedContinue reading “The Great North Passion”

Here comes the Bishop

The Right Reverend Paul Butler attends his inauguration service in Durham Cathedral, England. The Bishop has served as the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, and previously as the Bishop of Southampton. He becomes the 74th Bishop of Durham. Getty Images Pictures copyright Ian Forsyth/Getty Images 2014