A River Runs Through It

Today I was offered a great opportunity to go on board the High Tide Adventure and take a trip on the River Tees and offering a unique chance of seeing some of the industrial locations both past and present, along the banks of the river that meanders through the industrial heartland of Teesside.

The boat is named after the High Tide Foundation, a charity formed by PD Ports and aims to raise aspirations and awareness of job opportunities in this sector for young people on Teesside. It is used to provide trips along the river to young people and potential businesses offering a unique perspective on the area.

PD Ports is a shipping and logistics company based on the River Tees and helps to support the international and coastal movement of goods in and out of the north of the UK. It has recently been shortlisted for ‘Port Operator of the Year’.


With thanks to the crew of the High Tide Adventure for passing on their river knowledge, to PD Ports and to Nathan Hobday for giving me the opportunity to go aboard.

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Whitby harbour fog

As Whitby in North Yorkshire was shrouded in fog this morning I headed there to shoot a few pictures as some of the fishermen headed out to check their pots or otherwise got prepared for putting out to sea…


DSCF0009-2Whitby harbour in the fog

DSCF0013-2Copious‘ and ‘Progress‘ moored in Whitby harbour


The ‘Jay-C‘ out of Exeter prepares in Whitby harbour

DSCF0018-2Prosperity‘ heads out through the early morning fog

DSCF0022-2Silverline‘ alongside in the fog

DSCF0029-2Silverline‘ comes about and heads out to sea through the Whitby fog

DSCF0041-2Heading out

DSCF0056-2Pride & Joy‘ and ‘Codonger Too‘ moored in Whitby

DSCF0078-2Ships Cat


DSCF0140-2Out through the harbour


The ‘Jay-C‘ registered at Exeter heads out of Whitby harbour


Whitby harbour as the fog descends


The crew of the ‘Prosperity‘ weigh in their lobster and crab catch…






14 kilo of crab


11.8 kilo of lobster


Prosperity‘ heads back out after unloading their first catch

DSCF0252-2Skipper of the ‘Copious‘, Richard Brewer, a fifth generation fisherman out of Whitby, repairs lines on the keyside



Ian Forsyth Photography

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