Juntos num só ritmo

A group of anonymous knitters known as the Saltburn Yarn Stormers who are located in and around the seaside town in Cleveland have struck once again producing their latest work in the build up to World Cup 2014 by creating knitted figures representing countries taking part in the competition that begins in Brazil in 19Continue reading “Juntos num só ritmo”

Blue pier

The first light of morning casts a blue light over the pier in Saltburn, Cleveland   http://www.ianforsythphotography.co.uk

Orange and Blue

A blue and orange morning breaks over the Victorian Pier in Saltburn by the Sea in Cleveland, UK earlier…   http://www.ianforsythphotography.co.uk

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis or ‘Northern Lights’ is a natural light display that majestically dances across the night sky particularly in the high latitude arctic or antarctic regions. On occasions however it can also be seen further south of these areas. The displays can take many forms, including rippling curtains, pulsating globs, traveling pulses, or steadyContinue reading “Northern Lights”