2016 – My Year in Pictures

So for my ‘Year in Pictures’ round-up this year I’ve chosen a picture from a job or event that I covered that was memorable to me.

I hope you enjoy and seasons greetings…


Rare Nacreous clouds visible over the north east in January


A Leopard hunts through long grass in the Masai Mara, Kenya in February


Funeral for local biker ‘Whitby Mick’ in March


A birthday beacon for the Queen at Whitby Abbey in April


Anti fracking demonstrations in North Yorkshire in May0006

Tributes paid in Batley following the murder of Jo Cox days before the EU Referendum in June0007

Veterans project with the ‘Forward Assist’ veterans charity in July


Labour Party leadership contest with Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith in August


One year on from the closure of the SSI steel works in Redcar in September


The Batley and Spen by-election with Tracy Brabin in October


Sunset over South Gare near Redcar in November


The Krampus event takes place in Whitby in December

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2012 – My year in pictures

As 2012 draws to a close I thought I would share a round up of some of the pictures that I’ve shot during the last year.

The pictures come from various news events including some that made the national or regional newspapers  – some serious and others not so serious.

Pictures from amazing days of incredible surf, to portraits and Jubilee celebrations, from the unusual and the humerous to the tragic and sad, from pictures of personal loss to Goths and steelworkers and from naked royalty made of wool to Damon Albarn and Betty Boo!

It’s been a busy and eventful year for sure with hopefully more to come next year…

There’s quite a few here, so sit back, grab a brew and enjoy the pictures.

All the best for 2013,



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Feeling Hip

Okay so I know this isn’t ground breaking news and better photographers than I have taken a few snaps here and there using the Hipstamatic app on their iPhones – but I don’t care. Well, I do of course and I’m working on that! – These were from my dog walk this morning. But there is something very liberating about ‘snapping’ away without over thinking the photographic process. Would I do this all the time? Of course I wouldn’t – I actually enjoy the photographic process. This is why I shoot 90% of my work on old manual AI-S lenses. I enjoy setting the focus myself, or setting the exposure and the shutter speed and the white balance, the ISO etc etc and composing for what I want. I understand it better as a result. Or maybe I’m just a control freak!? I like the challenge it offers and how you are constantly testing yourself even on the most critical of jobs against a deadline. I like the challenge. I like the test. I have a lightmeter!



But if everything was totally automated how can you ever understand it and as a result how would you ever be a better photographer. You can’t. In time you can get very quick and accurate using full manual control. I am now. But I could always be quicker of course and that is part of the individual development of the photographer. Look back 20 or so years or so before the digital photographic age rose up and swamped us with what we need, what we think we need and what we really don’t need and this was how photography used to be done. Call it ‘old school‘, call it ‘back in the day‘, call it whatever, the fact is that photographers used to be all over this because there was no alternative.

Now I’m not a technophobe. Well maybe a little. In certain areas. I hate conversations about Photoshop or Aperture or the latest advantages of this lens or that camera…it bores me to tears to be honest. I’m aware of the latest developments and equipment if it affects me. I actively embrace multimedia and audio gathering by photographers and I believe that this is the way ahead if photographers are to continue to produce work that interests more people and has a wider market. I fully believe that on the right story that lends itself to multimedia great work can still be produced even under a deadline. The photographer can on many occasions successfully shoot video and gather audio at the same time as shooting stills – within certain boundaries and with some practicalities considered and with his or her end market in mind of course.

I still use top end, high spec Nikon Cameras in the D3 and the D3s but I have other considerations in my working photographic life and need what they provide and can achieve and I have no problem with that whatsoever or with using a 70-200 zoom or whatever and rattling away on auto-focus. No problem at all as it is a requirement of the job at the time. It is functionary. It is a tool of work. I even, for the briefest of times, shot on Aperture priority the other day for about half an hour. Then I felt guilty and reverted back to manual exposure! Small steps!

But just occasionally it is good to free yourself from ALL the technology including the manual focus. Including the AF and the auto-whatever. Free from any photographic considerations and choices and just point and shoot! Even if I did still have my D3s and a 50mm 1.4 AI-S hanging over my shoulder. Just in case. But like I said, small steps!

Just because, as a photographer, you can experience something else. It can’t hurt.