2016 – My Year in Pictures

So for my ‘Year in Pictures’ round-up this year I’ve chosen a picture from some of the jobs or events that I’ve covered… I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking at my work.    See more of my work on my website and blogs… HERE Images copyright Ian Forsyth / Getty Images All rights reserved. NoContinue reading “2016 – My Year in Pictures”

2012 – My year in pictures

As 2012 draws to a close I thought I would share a round up of some of the pictures that I’ve shot during the last year. The pictures come from various news events including some that made the national or regional newspapers  – some serious and others not so serious. Pictures from amazing days ofContinue reading “2012 – My year in pictures”

Feeling Hip

Okay so I know this isn’t ground breaking news and better photographers than I have taken a few snaps here and there using the Hipstamatic app on their iPhones – but I don’t care. Well, I do of course and I’m working on that! – These were from my dog walk this morning. But thereContinue reading “Feeling Hip”