Hadrian’s Wall Live

The lives of Roman Legionnaires were re-enacted during the Hadrian’s Wall Live event at Birdoswald and Housesteads Roman forts over the weekend. The event which was organised by English Heritage brought together over 120 re-enactors from around Europe to create a living history camp for visitors to the ancient Roman forts on Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland and Cumbria. During the weekend the sights, sounds and smells of Roman and Barbarian life from around 124 AD were recreated with battle tactics, patrolling, camp life, cooking skills and equipment demonstrated. Hadrian’s Wall stretches 73 miles from sea to sea across the north of England and is a World heritage site.

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Blyth Tall Ships Regatta

The bustling port town in South East Northumberland played host to the four-day long prestigious Tall Ships Regatta. Up to 30 of the largest and most spectacular ships in the world, some up to 100 metres long and decades old attended the event from Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands and the UK before they finally depart on a 500 nautical mile race from Blyth to the Swedish port of Gothenburg.

The maritime celebration takes place during the 60th anniversary of the Tall Ships Races.







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Coast People – Lindisfarne

In a trip a little further north than the usual ‘Coast People’ area I recently visited the small island of Lindisfarne – or Holy Island as it is also known – it sits off the windswept Northumbrian coastline of northern England and is steeped in history dating back to the sixth century. The island which is dominated by the castle built there in 1550 measures two and a quarter miles east to west and a mile and a half from north to south. It is cut off from the mainland twice each day with the ebb and flow of the tide. The incoming north sea covering the mudflats and the main causeway that offers the only route on to the island.

Primarily a fishing community, originally for Herring but now mainly for crab and lobster and with some farming still taking place in the centre of the island tourism now brings many hundreds of visitors each month onto the small island helping to a degree with the local economy.

Further information on Lindisfarne can be seen… HERE


Coast People - Lindisfarne

Lindisfarne Castle built in 1550

Coast People - Lindisfarne‘Boat Sheds’ – used for storage and made out of upturned fishing boats

Coast People - LindisfarneRe-built National Trust ‘Boat Sheds’ sit alongside the castle

Coast People - LindisfarneAn original Boat Shed in the harbour is overlooked by the castle

Coast People - LindisfarneSt Cuthbert’s Island sits a few hundred metres off the main islandSt Cuthbert was said to be the Saint of Lindisfarne

Coast People - LindisfarneDawn breaks over Lindisfarne Castle and harbour

Coast People - LindisfarneA man sits on a bench as the first morning rays of sunlight start to shine over the Northumberland coast and Lindisfarne Castle

Coast People - LindisfarneWooden poles sunk into the mudflats mark ‘The Pilgrim’s Way’ – the original walkway over mudflats onto the island

Coast People - LindisfarneTourism now brings many visitors to the island and the ‘Window on Lindisfarne’ displays offer information on the island, the wildlife and heritage

Coast People - LindisfarneLindisfarne harbour at low tide

Coast People - LindisfarneThe small fishing community at Lindisfarne Harbour as a storm cloud threatens

Coast People - LindisfarneBoasts sit on the mud at low tide in the harbour

Coast People - LindisfarneAn old fishing cobble sits on the grass near to the village

Coast People - Lindisfarne‘Boat Sheds’ and Lindisfarne Castle

Coast People - LindisfarneA fisherman pulls a smaller boat ashore whilst transferring lobster pots from the main boat moored further out in the harbour

Coast People - LindisfarneFishermen transfer lobster pots onto a vehicle after returning from a fishing trip

Coast People - Lindisfarne‘George’ – born and bred on the island and a fisherman all his life looks out over the harbour as the dawn sun breaks over the island

Coast People - LindisfarneA navigational beacon on the north coast of the island near to Emmanuel Headland

Coast People - LindisfarneWind blows over Sandham Bay on the north shore of the island

Coast People - LindisfarneDriftwood pokes skyward from the sand in a bay on the northern side of the island