2016 Sunderland International Air Show

Thousands of people attended the 28th Sunderland International Air Show on July 23, 2016 in Sunderland, England. On and above the seafronts at Roker and Seaburn on the north east coast of England it is the largest free air show in Europe. The spectators are entertained by an impressive display of aircraft from across theContinue reading “2016 Sunderland International Air Show”


The Whitby Goth weekend began in 1994 and usually happens twice each year. Hundreds of extravagantly dressed people who enjoy Steampunk, Cybergoth, Militaria, Romanticism or Victoriana visit the North Yorkshire seaside town over the weekend to take part in a celebration of Goth culture. Below are a selection of some of the pictures I shotContinue reading “Deadication”

The Great North Passion

The Great North Passion event held today, Good Friday, in Bents Park in South Shields, England involved the telling of the Easter Passion story by collaborating with local artists who were commissioned to transform metal shipping containers into artistic works reflecting many regions and issues from around the northeast. The 60 containers were then placedContinue reading “The Great North Passion”

Another day at the office

Sitting in traffic…rain lashing down…listening to crappy morning radio…a long day ahead…meetings…hassles…endless bullshit…the politics of it all…Yep! It sucks going to work!   Ian Forsyth Photography

Tapestry of Tradition

From early morning on the twelfth of August in 1871 groups of miners and their families made their way steadily towards the City of Durham. Like small conquering armies they headed towards the cathedral city along the small roads and tracks that snaked through the countryside marching behind heavy canvas banners held aloft by thoseContinue reading “Tapestry of Tradition”

The Foghorn’s Lament

Hundreds of spectators crowded onto cliffs in the northeast of England earlier today to watch¬† a musical performance celebrating the foghorn. The event, held at Souter lighthouse in South Shields, England was called ‘Foghorn Requiem’. It was written by Orlando Gough and was performed by three brass bands, an armada of ships that were positionedContinue reading “The Foghorn’s Lament”

Traverse Fifty – Writer pictures

The¬†Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh has a reputation for producing and presenting some of the best in new drama. This year marks fifty years since the theatre opened its doors in 1963 and to mark their anniversary the Theatre has offered 50 writers a year long attachment to the Traverse. Writers were invited to take partContinue reading “Traverse Fifty – Writer pictures”


A small selection taken from South Gare on Teesside…  

Northeast winter sessions 2

Following on from the monster day yesterday the surf was significantly smaller today but there were still a few cheeky ones coming through to give the line up a bit of a clean-up and with waves to be had it was worth a dip… (Click on the first photograph to view larger then use yourContinue reading “Northeast winter sessions 2”