Here comes the Bishop

The Right Reverend Paul Butler attends his inauguration service in Durham Cathedral, England. The Bishop has served as the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, and previously as the Bishop of Southampton. He becomes the 74th Bishop of Durham. Getty Images Pictures copyright Ian Forsyth/Getty Images 2014

Let there be light

After a couple of grey, wet and overcast days that brought heavy rain showers and challenging photography conditions the light really came on today and transformed this spot from what we all expect in this part of the world to somewhere that looked almost Indo like…well, almost…with a good dash of imagination!! Enjoy the pictures.Continue reading “Let there be light”

It’s grim up North

A cold, wet, grey and generally miserable day was made all the more enjoyable today by some top surf that rolled in and which a few hardy souls made the most of. But first….. those of you who know me know that I NEVER name the spots I photograph in nor do I pass onContinue reading “It’s grim up North”

My Year in Pictures 2013

So we’re fast approaching the end of yet another year and once again it has reached that time when it seems that every photographer with access to some sort of social media bombards the unwary viewer with a load of pictures that they’ve shot throughout the year……..and alas dear reader……I’m no different! Now just toContinue reading “My Year in Pictures 2013”

The Surge

In what was predicted to be the worst storm surge in 30 years strong winds and high tides caused by a low pressure system sitting over the country all combined to cause severe flooding in many of our coastal towns and villages around the country. The surge resulted in the deaths of two people withContinue reading “The Surge”