Duncombe Park Country Fair

Took a trip along to the Duncombe Park Country Fair in Helmsley today for a few hours. Set in the grounds of one of Yorkshire’s most historic houses and estates this annual one-day event which was formed in 1982 celebrates all aspects of the countryside and is billed as the original country fair of Yorkshire. OnContinue reading “Duncombe Park Country Fair”


Set in the deep valley of the River Rye in North Yorkshire Rievaulx Abbey near Helmsley started life as a timber structure and evolved through four stages of design, before eventually declining into one of the pre-eminent medieval ruins in Europe. Rievaulx was one of the first Cistercian abbeys to be founded in England. Surrounded by a massive agriculturalContinue reading “Rievaulx”

Duncombe Park Steam Rally

The Steam Rally near Helmsley, England takes place in the magnificent surroundings of Duncombe Park during the first weekend of July each year. It brings together traction engines, working displays, vintage tractors, commercial and military vehicles, vintage cars and motorcycles attracting steam enthusiasts and visitors alike inviting them to take a step back in time andContinue reading “Duncombe Park Steam Rally”