Paul Nuttall in Hartlepool – #GE17

The UK Independence Party leader Paul Nuttall visited Hartlepool today following his announcement that he would run as the candidate for the Boston and Skegness constituency in the General Election. Britain is to go to the polls on June 8, 2017 after British Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap general election.

Before his arrival arguments and a brawl broke out on the street outside a pub where UKIP supporters were gathering ahead of the visit and were heckled by a small group of pro-europe supporters. During the confrontation a female supporter from each of the opposing sides ended up brawling on the pavement and were subsequently taken away by police.

Mr Nuttall then did interviews and a short walkabout for media photo opportunities before heading down to the Boston area.


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Grassroots – Hartlepool 2

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party gave a speech to party members and supporters at The Grand Hotel in Hartlepool earlier today. He then visited Respondez a local call centre and had a brief tour of the facility and spoke with employees. The visit to this key marginal seat comes ahead of what is predicted to be one of the most closely fought General Elections in decades on May 7.

On assignment for Getty Images I covered his speech and the visit as I continue with the election coverage here in the north east.



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Grassroots – Hartlepool

I was on assignment yesterday for Getty Images covering the UK Independence Party North east conference held at the Borough Hall in Hartlepool. The event brought together members of the party to listen to a series of speakers from the party leadership including their party leader Nigel Farage, the Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall and the MEP for the north east region Jonathan Arnott.

The aim of the conference was to discuss a number of issues relating to the party and to help motivate delegates and UKIP members on the build up to the elections in May.

As with any political event like this it’s always a hectic day trying to get the pictures of the personalities and trying to catch some expressions and a bit of emotion – hopefully with eyeline to the camera – along with some pictures to show a bit of the background ‘colour’ as well as getting pictures of those delegates attending the event. Mixed in with all this you have to find the time to edit, caption and file pictures back to the desk several times through the day. But despite the chaotic nature of it all they’re still quite good fun to cover and in time you can learn to tune out to a degree much of what the various speakers might be going on about which sometimes helps!

Here’s just a small selection of pictures from the day…


IFXP0001 IFXP0005A IFXP0008 IFXP0014 IFXP0017 IFXP0031-2 IFXP0035 IFXT0005 IFXT0027 IFXT0037 IFXT0044-2 IFXT0050 IFXT0058 IFXT0060 IFXT0074 IFXT0075 IFXT0085-2 IFXT0110


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The Bombardment

Memorial events have been held today in Hartlepool, Whitby and Scarborough to commemorate a naval bombardment of the towns 100 hundred years ago, by German warships during World War One.

Of the three towns Hartlepool was the most affected by the shelling with over 1,100 shells falling on the community during a frantic forty minute period that saw men, women, children and military personnel killed. Dozens of buildings were destroyed or damaged and many of those hit are still scarred by pieces of shrapnel embedded in the walls. The Headland area of the town which was home to the Heugh gun battery, suffered some of the worst damage with Moor Terrace, Victoria Place and Cliff Terrace being particularly badly hit.

The Headland’s Heugh Gun Battery returned fire in what was the only battle to be fought on British soil during World War One, and one of the Battery’s soldiers, Theo Jones of the Durham Light Infantry, became the first British soldier to be killed by enemy action on home soil since the Battle of Culloden in 1746.


Flight Lieutenant Anthony Moy stands at sunrise next to a gun (not of the WW1 era) on Hartlepool Headland


Members of the 18th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Commemoration Society stand as honour guard during the service…

IFXT0008 IFXT0015 IFXT0044

IFXP0005David Little from the 18th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Commemoration Society


Local schoolchildren released balloons into the air as the names of those killed during the bombardment were read out

IFXT0046Veterans stand at sunrise during the morning service


Representatives of military and civilian services laid wreaths


The window of a nearby house has a poignant poster in the window remembering

those who were killed in that house 100 years ago


Veterans stand during the service in Hartlepool


Members of the 18th Battalion Durham Light Infantry Commemoration Society prepare to place a ‘time-capsule’ into the ground

IFXP0013 IFXP0002

Crosses of Remembrance


A woman looks on during the service


Schoolchildren from St Aidan’s Primary School plant 130 ceramic poppies – some of the ones used at the recent Tower of London memorial – in

memory of the 130 people who were killed during the bombardment

IFXT0031 IFXT0025



A standard bearer from the Royal British Legion


Buglers from the Royal Marines played the Last Post before a minute’s silence was held



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