So after the 300-year old bridge crossing the River Wharfe in Tadcaster collapsed after heavy flooding recently and homes and businesses were flooded the residents of the town began the long process of clearing up. The Environment Secretary Liz Truss also visited during the day yesterday and said the rebuilding of the bridge was aContinue reading “Tadcaster”

Huntington Road

Following the heavy flooding caused as water spilled over the banks and flood defences along the River Ouse and River Foss in York and flooded homes and business premises on 27 December which forced the evacuation of residents and which I photographed here I went back to Huntingdon Road in the city early this morningContinue reading “Huntington Road”

Saltburn fills up

What started out in the morning as a steady fall of rain gradually turned into something far more torrential as the evening wore on and as night fell many residents of Saltburn were having some serious water related problems. Many watched as their homes and businesses began to succumb to the rain and started toContinue reading “Saltburn fills up”

When it rains…it pours

After three days of heavy rain and flooding brought chaos and disruption in the Teesside and North Yorkshire area where I live I’ve been out and about shooting ‘weather’ pictures for the papers. Here’s a selection of some of those pictures from the last few days…