Next sale…

I visited the annual Poultry sales at York Auction Centre first thing this morning to shoot some pictures as they took delivery of the turkeys, geese and other poultry from various farmers and suppliers in the area who bring them in to be sold off at auction to butchers, wholesalers and other members of theContinue reading “Next sale…”

The Great Yorkshire Show 2013

The Great Yorkshire Show is the UK’s premier agricultural event and brings together agricultural displays, livestock events, farming demonstrations, food, dairy and produce stands as well as equestrian events to thousands of visitors over three days. Click on the first picture to view a slideshow and click o each picture to see the next..  Continue reading “The Great Yorkshire Show 2013”

Cavendish’s Horses

Starting from this Easter weekend and taking place in the spectacular surroundings of the Riding House at Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire highly trained riders and equally well trained stallions will perform breathtaking displays of horsemanship for visiting members of the public. ‘Cavendish’s Horses‘ carry out a series of advanced dressage training techniques. Techniques that wereContinue reading “Cavendish’s Horses”