Life’s a Bench

So I’ve been dipping in and out of a project recently that began, quite without intention, a number of years ago where I document the plaques left in memorial to loved ones on benches that I happened to pass as I was out and about on various other jobs or projects. What started out asContinue reading “Life’s a Bench”

Three Woollen Bonnets

As a documentary photographer I carry my camera(s) with me everywhere I go. Having one with me all the time is now part of me and if I don’t have it for some reason then it just doesn’t feel right somehow and I feel anxious or out of kilter. I photograph much of what IContinue reading “Three Woollen Bonnets”

The Empty Chair

For anyone that might not be aware Parkinson’s Disease is a long-term neurological condition that affects the way the brain co-ordinates body movements including walking, talking and writing and it affects both men and women. It is caused by a loss of nerve cells in the part of the brain called the substantia nigra. The nerveContinue reading “The Empty Chair”

Life’s a bench

This is one of those projects that starts in a very unassuming way as this one did a few years ago. Without any real planning or forethought it was a project that just seemed to take shape only after a number of pictures had been taken and the collection was added to. Let’s face itContinue reading “Life’s a bench”

Coast People – ‘we will go to the beach’

Sometimes, regardless of the weather you just have to make a trip to the beach. These kids were well prepared for a cold, damp and wet day on Saltburn beach today and considering we are in Spring the hot water bottles were still necessary. Fair play to them though for getting out and about today.Continue reading “Coast People – ‘we will go to the beach’”