Year of the Rooster

Thousands of visitors came to Chinatown in Newcastle Upon Tyne to watch and take part in the Chinese New Year celebrations to mark The Year of the Rooster.

Chinese New Year is China’s most important traditional festival and brings families and communities together for a week long public holiday.


TECH STUFF: All pictures in this set were taken on a pair of Leica M9 cameras fitted with 50mm f2 Summicron and 35mm F2 Summicron lenses. The 50mm lens was fitted with a 3-stop ND filter to allow for pictures to be taken at the f2 aperture in the bright sunshine. All pictures were subsequently edited with minor adjustments made in Lightroom and in line with standard editorial editing guidelines. No picture has been doctored or altered in any way.

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Chinese New Year – Newcastle

The Chinese community came together today to welcome in the Chinese New Year in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Dragon and Lion dances and a celebration of Chinese culture and food were enjoyed by thousands of people who attended the event in the Chinatown area of the city…



Chinese_New_Year_0001 Chinese_New_Year_0002 Chinese_New_Year_0003 Chinese_New_Year_0004 Chinese_New_Year_0005 Chinese_New_Year_0006 Chinese_New_Year_0007 Chinese_New_Year_0008 Chinese_New_Year_0009 Chinese_New_Year_0010 Chinese_New_Year_0011 Chinese_New_Year_0012 Chinese_New_Year_0013 Chinese_New_Year_0014 Chinese_New_Year_0015 Chinese_New_Year_0016 Chinese_New_Year_0017 Chinese_New_Year_0018 Chinese_New_Year_0019 Chinese_New_Year_0020 Chinese_New_Year_0021


Chinese_New_Year_0022 Chinese_New_Year_0023 Chinese_New_Year_0024



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