Bridlington Crab Fishermen

The U.K.’s exit from the European Union has sparked a battle over fishing in waters British and EU trawlers have shared for four decades. On assignment for Bloomberg I spent a long day on the East Yorkshire coast in Bridlington photographing the crab and lobster fishermen as they set out to check their pots andContinue reading “Bridlington Crab Fishermen”

Paul Nuttall in Hartlepool – #GE17

The UK Independence Party leader Paul Nuttall visited Hartlepool today following his announcement that he would run as the candidate for the Boston and Skegness constituency in the General Election.┬áBritain is to go to the polls on June 8, 2017 after British Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap general election. Before his arrivalContinue reading “Paul Nuttall in Hartlepool – #GE17”

The Road to Referendum

Since April I’ve covered quite a few of referendum related visits and events from both sides of the debate around the north as I was documenting this whole process. So here’s a few pics from each event in the order they happened starting with a leave campaign event in Newcastle and finishing with the north-eastContinue reading “The Road to Referendum”