Paul Nuttall in Hartlepool – #GE17

The UK Independence Party leader Paul Nuttall visited Hartlepool today following his announcement that he would run as the candidate for the Boston and Skegness constituency in the General Election. Britain is to go to the polls on June 8, 2017 after British Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap general election.

Before his arrival arguments and a brawl broke out on the street outside a pub where UKIP supporters were gathering ahead of the visit and were heckled by a small group of pro-europe supporters. During the confrontation a female supporter from each of the opposing sides ended up brawling on the pavement and were subsequently taken away by police.

Mr Nuttall then did interviews and a short walkabout for media photo opportunities before heading down to the Boston area.


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The Road to Referendum

Since April I’ve covered quite a few of referendum related visits and events from both sides of the debate around the north as I was documenting this whole process. So here’s a few pics from each event in the order they happened starting with a leave campaign event in Newcastle and finishing with the north-east count in Sunderland…

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