Pickering wartime and 1940’s weekend

Once again Pickering wartime and 1940’s weekend came to the Yorkshire town this weekend with re-enactors, enthusiasts and fans of all things 40’s getting involved and having a great time. I was down today shooting for Getty Images and arrived at the showground in Pickering at first light and spent a few hours there beforeContinue reading “Pickering wartime and 1940’s weekend”

My Year in Pictures 2013

So we’re fast approaching the end of yet another year and once again it has reached that time when it seems that every photographer with access to some sort of social media bombards the unwary viewer with a load of pictures that they’ve shot throughout the year……..and alas dear reader……I’m no different! Now just toContinue reading “My Year in Pictures 2013”

2012 – My year in pictures

As 2012 draws to a close I thought I would share a round up of some of the pictures that I’ve shot during the last year. The pictures come from various news events including some that made the national or regional newspapers  – some serious and others not so serious. Pictures from amazing days ofContinue reading “2012 – My year in pictures”