The Photographic Cycle

Speaking with fellow photographer Matt Kirwan the other day( ) he spoke about how he had finally, after a long delay, taken delivery of his copy of the Press Photographers Year Book, ( This book is sent out to all the entrants into the competition and contains all the winning photographs from each category. AsContinue reading “The Photographic Cycle”

Will We Remember Them All?

Whilst the Remembrance Day Services are still fresh in your mind I have posted four pictures below. Taken in a cemetery in Saltburn in Cleveland, England they belong to four servicemen. I have no idea who they are beyond the names on the stone or what they did or how they died or indeed anythingContinue reading “Will We Remember Them All?”

Parade outside the Box

I’ve covered many military parades before and to a certain extent you can initially make a mental note of all the ‘safe’ shots that you need to obtain in order to cover the event effectively but you should always keep an eye open for other possibilities. This applies to all your jobs. If you haveContinue reading “Parade outside the Box”