A few coming through today at Saltburn was a good reason to spend the day surfing and then getting back in to shoot a few waterside…   All the shots in this set were taken using a Fujifilm_X_Pro 1 camera with an 18mm f2 lens inside a Dicapac WP_S3 waterproof case. #Eastbound See more of my workContinue reading “Waterside”

Out and about – Whitby

So this weekend has pretty much been a ‘Whitby Weekend‘! With a couple of stories that I wanted to look at, one yesterday and the other today it also gave me the chance to go out for a wander around the town with a completely free and open brief to go and shoot whatever IContinue reading “Out and about – Whitby”

Nice Light

Here’s a few pictures from over the last couple of days taken around Saltburn and South Gare…and the light was really working!   …and the picture above also made the Guardian Eyewitness…   See more of my work on my website and blogs via the link…… HERE All pictures copyright Ian Forsyth No usage without arrangement

The Year in Focus – 2014

So once again we’re heading towards that end of year time when many photographers roll out their ‘Year in Pictures‘ features showing some of their work from over the year. So it seems fitting that I post up some pictures from the range of work that I’ve shot this year. Some of it was shotContinue reading “The Year in Focus – 2014”

Next sale…

I visited the annual Poultry sales at York Auction Centre first thing this morning to shoot some pictures as they took delivery of the turkeys, geese and other poultry from various farmers and suppliers in the area who bring them in to be sold off at auction to butchers, wholesalers and other members of theContinue reading “Next sale…”

Sankta Lucia – The Festival of Light

For the second year running the Sankta Lucia festival of light service was held at York Minster this evening. The Swedish tradition of Sankta Lucia shares many similarities with the advent procession that some people may be more familiar with. Dating back to the 18th century the festival symbolises the bringing of light into the darknessContinue reading “Sankta Lucia – The Festival of Light”

November Sessions

Nothing like a bit of early morning November sun and a cold water surf to start the day.   See more of my work on my website and blogs… HERE Images copyright Ian Forsyth. No usage without arrangement.

Quote the surf

“Wiping out is an underappreciated skill” Laird Hamilton   See more of my photography on my website and blogs via the link…. HERE Copyright Ian Forsyth. No usage without arrangement.

Quote the surf

  “It’s all about where your mind’s at.”     See more of my photography on my website and blogs via the link….. HERE Copyright Ian Forsyth. No usage without arrangement.

A balancing act

Seeming to defy gravity or any logic and appearing physically impossible the art of creating arrangements out of stone requires patience and a steady hand…master this and the results can be very cool indeed. A small UK arts collective called Responsible Fishing visited Sandsend near Whitby today to create stone balancing artwork and sand art designsContinue reading “A balancing act”