Coast People – Whitby

Further pictures in my Coast People project from a brief visit to Whitby earlier today…   Fishing for crabs on the dockside in Whitby is a traditional activity for those visiting the town on their holidays Don’t feed the seagulls – it encourages them to abandon their natural habitats – although in Whitby this isContinue reading “Coast People – Whitby”

The Foghorn’s Lament

Hundreds of spectators crowded onto cliffs in the northeast of England earlier today to watch  a musical performance celebrating the foghorn. The event, held at Souter lighthouse in South Shields, England was called ‘Foghorn Requiem’. It was written by Orlando Gough and was performed by three brass bands, an armada of ships that were positionedContinue reading “The Foghorn’s Lament”

Coast People – The seagull woman

Alison Wake makes the trip to South Gare at Teesside each day to feed her beloved seagulls. The gulls have now become familiar with her and take food from her hands as they hover in the breeze surrounding her. As she has come to recognise some of the same birds that visit her she hasContinue reading “Coast People – The seagull woman”