The Bishop

An enthronement ceremony took place last weekend as the new Bishop of Salisbury took over duties at the cathedral. Bishop Nicholas Holtam led a procession through the city as he followed a traditional pilgrimage route from St Marks Church to the Cathedral. During the procession through the town he was accompanied by a choir andContinue reading “The Bishop”

When the balloon went up

The fiery blast of propane lit up the darkness as a wave of heat washed over everyone standing close to the mouth of the envelope. The noisy jets firing into the balloon as it slowly came to life and lifted up into the sky. Some 85 hot air balloons took to the skies over SomersetContinue reading “When the balloon went up”

Call Of The Wild

I spent last weekend in the middle of woods at Santon Downham in Norfolk, near Thetford Forest photographing a working dog rally with the British Siberian Husky Racing Association. The weekend event was part of a race series that sees the owners of Siberian Husky dogs run in numerous events: either 6, 4, 3, 2Continue reading “Call Of The Wild”

Mr Geebers The Pebbleman

Following on from my recent post about the homeless artist Dr Geebers who started a journey in May 2009 to walk around the coastline of the UK building stone and pebble sculptures at the towns and villages he past through to raise awareness about homeless people and the difficulties they face everyday as they liveContinue reading “Mr Geebers The Pebbleman”

Into the Village

Below is a selection of pictures from a recent shoot of British soldiers training on Salisbury Plain. The training helps prepare them for deployment to places like Afghanistan by allowing them to practice and perfect their skills and procedures in an environment where getting it wrong will not have the same consequences as it mayContinue reading “Into the Village”