Paddy’s Hole

A misty first light over South Gare on Teesside this morning…     See more of my work on my website and blogs…. HERE Images copyright Ian Forsyth No usage without arrangement

The White Stuff

Heavy snow fell on the North Yorkshire Moors earlier today making many of the moor roads treacherous to travellers. This weekend brought high winds, heavy rainfall and snow on higher ground to many places across the UK causing further disruption.   Snow covers a car parked at the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge as heavyContinue reading “The White Stuff”

Freezing Fog

The South Gare on Teesside was covered by freezing fog earlier this morning… (Click on the first image to view larger then use your arrow keys to navigate through the rest…)

Don’t fret

A heavy sea fret descends on Saltburn beach…Sea fret forms when a parcel of warm air passes over cold water. In this case the North Sea. The warm air at the bottom of the parcel is cooled by the cold air below, until it can no longer hold the moisture that was previously contained within.Continue reading “Don’t fret”