Melting pot for the imagination

If you happened to drive through the east Cleveland town of Redcar and then continued through what’s left of the small village of Warrenby – where before they were demolished all the streets happened to be named after marsh birds – and continue on past the collection of small business premises and car garages thatContinue reading “Melting pot for the imagination”

The Foghorn’s Lament

Hundreds of spectators crowded onto cliffs in the northeast of England earlier today to watch  a musical performance celebrating the foghorn. The event, held at Souter lighthouse in South Shields, England was called ‘Foghorn Requiem’. It was written by Orlando Gough and was performed by three brass bands, an armada of ships that were positionedContinue reading “The Foghorn’s Lament”

South Gare Lighthouse

As unseasonal weather continues to batter the United Kingdom strong winds and large seas combine to create huge waves that crash against the seawall and cover the lighthouse at South Gare on Teesside.   Image remains copyright Ian Forsyth/Getty Images