‘Coast People’ – we continue…

In a previous post recently I introduced a photographic project I’m doing called ‘Coast People‘. That post can be seen HERE . Now in this latest post about the project I have posted a further selection of photographs below. The majority of these, apart from four, were all taken in the area of Saltburn beach.Continue reading “‘Coast People’ – we continue…”

Coast People – the story so far…

I began a documentary photography project around 2 years ago that I’ve been slowly adding to when I can and one that I hope, when complete, will allow me to put on an exhibition and share some of the images from it. The project is called ‘Coast People‘. The aim is to record how peopleContinue reading “Coast People – the story so far…”


For the first time in 2 years since the plant was mothballed by former owners Corus the rollers turned once again in the Steel plant at Redcar today. As the first slab of steel produced by the new owners – SSI – Sahaviriya Steel Industries – came off the production line after the furnace wasContinue reading “Steel”

Getting a face-lift

Opened in 1870 the current cliff lift at Saltburn is the oldest remaining water balanced cliff lift in Britain. At a height of 120 ft and with a length of track of 207 ft it reaches up the steep cliffs at Saltburn allowing people to enjoy the gentle ride down the beach – and backContinue reading “Getting a face-lift”

People and the Sea

These latest pictures from part of my on-going story – ‘People and the Sea‘ – a photo-story based around the area where I live in Saltburn and covering an area between between The Gare on Teesside and further south to Scarborough. The aim of the story is to show how people work with and interactContinue reading “People and the Sea”