Coast People – Lindisfarne

In a trip a little further north than the usual ‘Coast People’ area I recently visited the small island of Lindisfarne – or Holy Island as it is also known – it sits off the windswept Northumbrian coastline of northern England and is steeped in history dating back to the sixth century. The island whichContinue reading “Coast People – Lindisfarne”


Set in the deep valley of the River Rye in North Yorkshire Rievaulx Abbey near Helmsley started life as a timber structure and evolved through four stages of design, before eventually declining into one of the pre-eminent medieval ruins in Europe. Rievaulx was one of the first Cistercian abbeys to be founded in England. Surrounded by a massive agriculturalContinue reading “Rievaulx”

Leica – so what’s it all about then?

So I’ve been asked by a number of people recently, friends and colleagues, what my thoughts are on the Leica M9 after I bought one about 6 or 7 months ago. So I thought it was a good opportunity to put some of my thoughts down here for what it’s worth so that others whoContinue reading “Leica – so what’s it all about then?”

The Guibal

Standing just a field away from the cliff edge on the rugged coastline between Skinningrove and Saltburn is the Huntcliffe Guibal fan house. This fascinating reminder of a once great industry that was a major regional employer and which led to the development of many of the area’s coastal communities now stands derelict at oneContinue reading “The Guibal”

Coast People – Filey

As my ‘Coast People‘ photo-story gains momentum I spent a few hours visiting the traditional English seaside town of Filey yesterday. Filey is a small town on the Yorkshire coast sitting between Bridlington further south and Scarborough to the north. The town has enjoyed the reputation of being a seaside resort since Victorian times andContinue reading “Coast People – Filey”