A small selection taken from South Gare on Teesside…  

Freezing Fog

The South Gare on Teesside was covered by freezing fog earlier this morning… (Click on the first image to view larger then use your arrow keys to navigate through the rest…)

The Jim Maidens Match

The Jim Maidens Beach fishing match takes place on Saltburn beach earlier this evening. Around 50 to 60 anglers turned out to take part in the event that is held to raise money for the RNLI and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The event was organised after the tragic death of local Saltburn man and keenContinue reading “The Jim Maidens Match”


Over the last few evenings the earth has been taking a bit of a battering. Seen by some but missed by many our planet has been slowly spinning through a stream of debris left by a giant comet that has been circling the sun since the birth of the solar system. Think about that forContinue reading “Perseid”

Don’t fret

A heavy sea fret descends on Saltburn beach…Sea fret forms when a parcel of warm air passes over cold water. In this case the North Sea. The warm air at the bottom of the parcel is cooled by the cold air below, until it can no longer hold the moisture that was previously contained within.Continue reading “Don’t fret”