I’m a photojournalist based on the North Yorkshire coast of the UK.

I work mainly as a stringer & contributor for Getty Images News but also undertake work for Bloomberg, the Times and Financial Times.

Over the years I have photographed in many countries as I pursue my passion for documenting people, places and events and believe that the creation of a photographic record to document these moments is valuable not only to meet current news interests by informing a wider audience but that it is also the collective responsibility of news photographers to ensure that these events are recorded with honesty, accuracy, integrity and compassion for future generations.

My pictures appear regularly in numerous national and international news publications and examples of my work can be seen in the galleries of my website.

I use Leica M9 and Sony A9ii digital cameras for my work and maintain strict integrity when editing images in line with current media guidelines.

I am a member of the British Press Photographers’ Association and represent northern BPPA members.

I am also available for commissioned work so please feel free to get in touch if you have an enquiry.

Visit my website to see more of my work here: Room 2850

e: ianforsyth2003@yahoo.co.uk

m: 07786 076618

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