I’ve recently finished putting together another self-published book.

This time I’ve brought together a collection of pictures that I’ve shot when I walk my dog in the morning. The area I take her to is an area of woodland that meanders from the back of my house down to the beach.

Somedays I am able to get several pictures whereas other days I walk back with nothing. But when the early morning sunlight stretches it’s thin fingers down through the tree canopy to the woodland floor and the light dances through the branches it is an amazing place to walk through and photograph…

You can view a preview of the book and it can be bought via blurb using the details below…

You can see more of my self-published work on Blurb here and if you haven’t tried self-publishing before then I strongly recommend giving it a go.

It’s a great experience and as any photographer will tell you there is something really appealing about holding a print, zine or book of pictures.

An experience that lets the viewer linger over the pictures and take them in instead of scrolling or clicking through them as we all do when viewing online.

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