We are the dead canaries

Extinction Rebellion demonstrators joined with local campaigners for a three-day mass action protest at the Bradley Open Cast coal mine near Consett.

The ‘We are the Dead Canaries’ action is the first of many during a planned 40 Days of Action alongside other events taking place to coincide with Lent.

Banks Mining Group who operate the mine want to extract around 90,000 tonnes of coal and 20,000 tonnes of fireclay from 18.5 hectares of land, with work to be completed by August next year. This is in addition to the 500,000 tonnes of coal that will be extracted from the existing site in the Pont Valley.

Located between Leadgate, Dipton and Medomsley in County Durham the mine has been the site of previous protests over recent years and over the next three days demonstrators are blockading the site whilst calling on Durham County Council to reject Bank’s Mining Groups plans to extend.

Extinction Rebellion Durham and North East groups organised the planned three-day action with other campaigners travelling from around the country to join the protest.

On assignment for Getty Images here’s a few of the pictures I shot over the two days that I covered the protest…

 Image (c) Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

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