Man City v Fulham

I was down at the Etihad Stadium a couple of weeks ago representing Getty Images on a commercial job for Manchester City to shoot crowd reaction shots during their fourth round FA cup game with Fulham.

The nature of the brief meant that for most of the game I’d be aiming my cameras at the crowd rather than the pitch but seeing as this was my first time inside a football stadium for the best part of 35 years I figured dropping a few frames of the action wouldn’t hurt.

This was also one of the first runs out for my new Sony A9 MkII cameras so even though my longest lens was only a 135mm f1.8 I was still able to get a few from the action as it came close to me…


Image (c) Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

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2 responses to “Man City v Fulham”

  1. Trevor Wilkinson Avatar
    Trevor Wilkinson

    Superb shots again Ian, so jealous as this is my preferred subject, pointing pitch side of course.


    1. ian forsyth photography Avatar

      Thanks Trevor. Yeah it did feel strange pointing the ‘wrong way’!


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