South Gare Project

Another trip down to the South Gare today offered a further opportunity to shoot a few photographs that I’ll consider adding to the project that I’ve been working on for a while.

You can see more from that project on South Gare here: South Gare Project

The idea for my project started almost by accident several years ago after going there to shoot pictures on some occasional news jobs and I found myself beginning to have quite an archive of pictures building up and so the idea of continuing to look at the area came about and I’ve been visiting the area on numerous occasions since.

The thing I now need to bring in are boundaries or an end point. As with many long-term photography projects boundaries should be put in place to mark an end otherwise they can go on and on and ultimately they might lose their direction.

So this is what I’m looking at doing now. I have a couple more areas I need to work on over the next visits primarily revolving around portraits and after that I think this particular chapter in the life of the Gare will have come to an end.

But you never know what might happen! Rumours at the Gare talk of South Tees Development Corporation plans to develop the area and worries are that significant changes may affect the area through that development so watch this space…this project might begin to turn another direction soon.

But for now and once I complete further portraits I need to try and do something with this collection. An exhibition? A book? I’m not sure as both are difficult to achieve and financially testing so I will have to look into it further.

But for now this set of pictures are from my most recent trip to this amazing and unusual place.


Image (c) Ian Forsyth

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