Tour de Yorkshire 2019

The Tour of Yorkshire returned to the county for the fifth year with a four stage men’s race over four days covering 384 miles and a two stage women’s race over two days covering 164 miles.

The course takes in 150 villages, towns and cities throughout Yorkshire. Chris Lawless riding for Team Ineos became the first Briton to win the men’s Tour de Yorkshire whilst Netherlands rider Marianne Vos claimed overall victory in the women’s Tour de Yorkshire.

I covered part of stage two of the women’s race and part of the third stage of the men’s race on one day deciding to head to Sandsend near Whitby before heading into the Yorkshire Dales the following day for the fourth and final stage of the men’s race.

It was the first time that the tour had added Lythe Bank into the route and whilst it didn’t attract the crowds of other better known climbs it was worth a look to catch the action as the women’s peloton came through.

Ahead of the men’s race coming through I then headed back down the bank to the seafront at Sandsend. Seeing the day before that there was a big swell with strong northerly winds pushing and also that the peloton was due to pass through at around the time of high tide I was hoping that I might be able to get a decent shot of the peloton with waves crashing behind them.

At least that was the plan! It didn’t quite come off that way unfortunately and as the four shot sequence will illustrate further down I did get my wave but not quite at the time the peloton arrived! But it was worth a go to try and get something different and the Sunday Telegraph and Cycling Weekly ran some pictures from the day.


Stage 2 Women’s Race & Stage 3 Men’s Race – Sandsend


The following day I drove out into the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales to cover the fourth and final stage of the men’s race as they reached the third of five classified climbs on that stage and headed up the Cote Park Rash.

The crowds were bigger here with cycling enthusiasts and spectators making their way on foot or by bike the couple of miles along the winding road from the picturesque village of Kettlewell.

The main spot on this hill for a good picture is the tight hairpin bend about a third of the way up the hill. That’s where I situated myself with a plan in place to get a dramatic picture as the peloton passed by.

It also offered a good opportunity to shoot crowd shots and fans waiting on the hillside and with everyone in good spirits it was one of the more enjoyable events to cover.

Stage 4 – Cote Park Rash



Images (c) Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

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