Waiting For Me Dad

On assignment yesterday for Getty Images I documented artist Mackenzie Thorpe as he unveiled his sculpture ‘Waiting for Me Dad’ at the Tees Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough, England.

The bronze sculpture, inspired by the painting of the same name, sees two children standing on the Middlesbrough side of the river waiting for the gondola to return and bring their father home after a hard day’s work in the industry of the area and is a nostalgic look back to the artist’s own childhood memories from Middlesbrough.

The sculpture has been created by Mackenzie Thorpe as part of the artist’s 30th year celebrations and as well as the sculpture placement Mackenzie is donating the original painting of ‘Waiting for Me Dad’ to the town.

The Transporter Bridge features prominently in many of his pictures and he once worked in the shipyards on the Tees before he became an internationally-renowned artist.

Mackenzie Thorpe has also been named official artist for the Tour de Yorkshire 2019 and will soon tour galleries throughout the UK, America and Japan.


Images (c) Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

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