Hambleton Equine Clinic

I recently spent some time on an assignment at the Hambleton Equine Clinic near Great Ayton in North Yorkshire documenting the work done there by the staff.

The pictures below form part of a larger set than can be seen over on the Getty Images site HERE

The facility is the only purpose built equine clinic in North Yorkshire and provides a full range of equine services to the professional and recreational horse owner. Hospital facilities include In-Patient care, Surgery, Ophthalmology services, Dentistry, Diagnostic Imaging, Nuclear Scintigraphy and MRI scanning.

The state-of-the-art hospital was opened in 2016 and currently has six vets and a large number of staff providing equine care.

During my visits I was able to observe dental treatment taking place, two key-hole surgery operations and an operation on a horse to rectify a problem called ‘Kissing Spines’ which causes discomfort to the horse due to sections of bone attached to the vertebrae being too close together and rubbing on each other.

All the horses featured here recovered from their operations and my thanks go to Equine Surgeon Phil Cramp and his staff at Hambleton for their assistance.




Some of the pictures were used as a feature over on the Mail on Line and in the Guardian ‘News Pictures of the Day’ and they can be seen here:

Daily Mail

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 15.07.24

Images (c) Ian Forsyth 2018/ Getty Images

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