Green Party Conference 2017

Covering the Green Party conference yesterday I had seen on the agenda for the day that there was a trip planned for a small group of party members to visit the Kirby Misperton Protesters Site to offer their support to the anti-fracking protesters.

The camp was set up by anti-fracking protesters after the local council granted planning permission to Third Energy to begin work at the nearby KM8 drilling site on the outskirts of the North Yorkshire village. This early work assesses the feasibility of carrying out fracking at the site. However the permissions for this are still outstanding.

I was hoping that taking a trip with the delegates to the camp might make for pictures which better showed some of the issues that are of particular importance to the party and which would bring these issues to life so I thought it was worth going along.

The visit to the protesters camp which is situated in a field a little over a mile or so from the entrance to the KM8 site came as Green Party members held their annual conference at the Harrogate International Centre.

After a brief visit to meet a small number of the protesters who were at the site  – the protesters come and go but always maintain a presence – including ‘James’ the main chef and ‘Geoff’, a former Engineer who lives in the back of a Robin Reliant and who has built much of the infrastructure on the site and who showed me around, the delegates then had to head back to Harrogate for the rest of the conference.

That afternoon there was a main speech by Green Party MEP Molly Scott Cato with party Co-leader Caroline Lucas watching from the audience before she then chaired a panel discussion on Brexit later in the day.

While I don’t think there was enough time to really explore the pictures with the protestors at the camp I still think it was worth going along. The conference runs for two more days and below are a few pictures from the day…


The picture below was used the following day in ‘The Guardian’:

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 07.04.22

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