Conservative Party Conference 2017

As the dust begins to settle following the Conservative party Conference which this year was held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex I’ve put together some of the pictures that I shot from over the four days.

Always a hectic and busy affair for any photographer and other members of the TV and media. I joined other freelancers, agency and newspaper staff photographers to cover the event.

Here’s a few from the conference:




Kit & Equipment:

During the conference I was shooting on a pair of Fuji X Pro 2’s. One with a 16mm f1.4 lens and the other with a 50-140mm f2.8 lens. To edit I used my iPad Air 2 using ‘Lightroom’ and ‘Filterstorm Pro’ to caption before transmitting the pictures through the ‘personal hotspot’ facility on my phone.




Images (c) Ian Forsyth 2017

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All rights reserved.

No usage without arrangement.

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