Inside the Delta – Part II

So after visiting the Able UK site at Seaton Port recently to photograph onboard the decommissioned Brent Delta oil platform as I covered a stakeholders event for Shell International whilst on a commission for the Getty Images owned Verbatim Photo Agency (Pictures can be seen here) I returned today to spend a little longer exploring inside the rig to shoot a few more pictures.

Work has now begun on removing the internal items such as clothing, food, books, tables, chairs, fixtures and fittings and all the other signs of the former occupants so that work can begin with the decommissioning process.

It was interesting to see the piles of books – that are to be given to local libraries – and the sauna, complete with bowl and spoon, the fire fighting breathing apparatus and the food still on the shelves in the kitchen – bottled or tinned items that are still usable will go to local food banks – all of which has to be itemised, bagged up and removed ahead of the work to break down the rig.

The team at Able UK have their work cut out but it’s only expected to take around a year or so before the whole rig is taken apart and either sold on in part or sold to scrap.

Below are some of the pictures from inside this amazing structure…with thanks to the Able UK staff for helping to arrange the visit.


Images (c) Ian Forsyth 2017 / Getty Images

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