Inside the Delta

So after covering the arrival at the Able UK site on the banks of the River Tees last month of the Shell owned Brent Delta oil rig, pictures from which can be seen in a post HERE I was asked yesterday to cover another stage in the story of the decommissioning process of this huge rig.

The event held at the Able UK Hartlepool site brought numerous stakeholders together including Able UK and Shell management personnel for a number of speeches, briefings and presentations before conducting a short tour onboard this huge facility.

The pictures below show parts of that tour.

It goes without saying that this thing is big! But it’s not until you stand on a rusty and weather beaten steel walkway on the upper levels and look all around you at the maze of metalwork that you realise its true enormity.

In the coming months work will begin to dismantle the rig as parts are gradually removed to be sold off as more complete units or to be reduced down to scrap metal for sale.


Images (c) Ian Forsyth 2017 / Getty Images Verbatim / Shell International UK

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    […] whilst on a commission for the Getty Images owned Verbatim Photo Agency (Pictures can be seen here) I returned today to spend a little longer exploring inside the rig to shoot a few more […]


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