Based on the banks of the River Tees the Offshore Structures Britain facility at at Haverton Hill provides steel manufacturing, blasting and painting facilities for the serial production of large tubular offshore wind foundations, notably the transition pieces or TP’s, which link the mono pile foundations of offshore wind turbines with the towers.

They have recently signed the contract to manufacture 56 Transition Pieces for the Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm off the Yorkshire coast which when completed will be the biggest wind farm in the world. Offshore Structures Britain was established in 2014 as a joint venture between German steel fabricator EEW Special Pipe Construction GmbH and the Danish steel construction company Bladt Industries A/S and was formally opened in 2015.

After seeing a lovely picture of the site taken by a friend of mine, Dave Cocks I asked him about it and what they did as the size of these TP’s looked quite impressive and this in turn led me to getting in touch and arranging with OSB to go along for Getty Images to shoot some pictures of their facility. The idea being that these pictures might then support any future stories or features about things such as renewable energy, offshore industries, UK and north east manufacturing, engineering and so on.

OSB kindly agreed and so I went along this morning and shot some pictures as I was shown around the site to see the process involved in producing these complex yet impressive structures…


With thanks to Offshore Structures Britain for the access and to Dave Cocks for planting the idea.

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Images copyright Ian Forsyth 2017 / Getty Images

All rights reserved.

No usage without arrangement.


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