Hundreds of spectators came to watch the annual historic hill climb on September 13, 2015 in Saltburn, England. The event is organised by Middlesbrough and District Motor Club and brings together the owners of numerous classic cars and motorcycles dating from the early 1900’s up to 1975 who take part in a non-competitive motor gathering and hill climb to test their machines on a steep hill on the outskirts of the town.


DSCF8607 DSCF8609 DSCF8612 DSCF8614 DSCF8615 DSCF8617 DSCF8631 DSCF8648 DSCF8688 DSCF8698 DSCF8716 DSCF8723 DSCF8727 DSCF8732 DSCF8742 DSCF8750 DSCF8755 DSCF8819 DSCF8843 DSCF8847 IFXT0001 IFXT0008 IFXT0011 IFXT0027A IFXT0030 IFXT0063 IFXT0102 IFXT0109 IFXT0124 IFXT0152 IFXT0161 IFXT0164 IFXT0196 IFXT0212 IFXT0246 IFXT0251 IFXT0252 IFXT0255 L1004541 L1004543 L1004548 L1004549 L1004555 L1004564


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