British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne joined other dignitaries and business leaders as they attended the extravagant opening of an £82m train factory in County Durham today.

The Hitachi plant in Newton Aycliffe will employ 750 workers assembling high-speed Intercity trains for the East Coast and Great Western main lines using parts produced in Japan.

It has been hailed as an economic boost, with many local companies involved in the plant’s construction. At the opening ceremony Prime Minister David Cameron said it was a “show of confidence” in the region.

“This is Hitachi’s first factory in Europe and their massive investment is a sign of their commitment to the United Kingdom and a real show of confidence in our economy and of confidence in the North East,” he said.

“I think this is a really big moment for the region. Train manufacturing has come back to the North East.”


Here’s a few from the day…



Hitachi_opening_0001 Hitachi_opening_0002 Hitachi_opening_0003 Hitachi_opening_0004 Hitachi_opening_0005 Hitachi_opening_0022 Hitachi_opening_0024 Hitachi_opening_0025 Hitachi_opening_0027 Hitachi_opening_0028 Hitachi_opening_0029 Hitachi_opening_0031 Hitachi_opening_0032

Hitachi_opening_0026 Hitachi_opening_0035}


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