The 126th Egton Show took place in North Yorkshire today. Egton remains one of the largest village shows in the country and is run by a band of voluntary helpers.

This year the event featured wrought iron and farrier displays, basket-weaving, a farmers market along with horse, cattle, sheep, goat, ferret, fur and feather classes. There was also bee keeping, produce and handicrafts on display for the thousands of people who attended the show…



Egton_Show_0001 Egton_Show_0002 Egton_Show_0003 Egton_Show_0004 Egton_Show_0005 Egton_Show_0006 Egton_Show_0007 Egton_Show_0008 Egton_Show_0009 Egton_Show_0010 Egton_Show_0011 Egton_Show_0012 Egton_Show_0013 Egton_Show_0015 Egton_Show_0016 Egton_Show_0017 Egton_Show_0019 Egton_Show_0020 Egton_Show_0021 Egton_Show_0022 Egton_Show_0023 Egton_Show_0024 Egton_Show_0025 Egton_Show_0027 Egton_Show_0028 Egton_Show_0029 Egton_Show_0032 Egton_Show_0033 Egton_Show_0034 Egton_Show_0035 Egton_Show_0036 Egton_Show_0037 Egton_Show_0038 Egton_Show_0039 Egton_Show_0040


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