The Army Foundation College in Harrogate in North Yorkshire trains the soldiers of the future. School-leavers aged between 16 and 17 years and five months of age are eligible to attend the AFC which offers young men and women the opportunity to continue learning as they build their military skills and experience more of the Army life they have chosen.

Today saw over 600 of the Junior Soldiers graduate from the Army Foundation College following a year of undergoing military skills training, vocational qualifications and City and Guilds apprenticeships. Following the parade which, other than Trooping of the Colour in London, is the largest in Europe the Junior Soldiers will go on to complete their ‘phase two’ special-to-arm training for their respective regiments or corps before then joining their units to continue with their military careers.

From drawing their weapons out of the armoury first thing in the morning to the final tweaks to their uniforms ensuring that everything is perfect. To a final bit of packing as they head off on leave after the parade. To farewell hugs with strangers who became friends who they now know better than their own family and finally to a proud march onto the Regimental Square…today I went ‘behind the scenes’ with 19 (Kohima) Platoon as they carried out last minute preparations on their kit and uniform ahead of the parade in front of parents and family members and readied themselves for the most important parade and one of the most important miles stones of their career to date…


Trust, Courage and Team Spirit‘ – Motto of AFC Harrogate

AFC_Harrogate_0001 AFC_Harrogate_0002 AFC_Harrogate_0003 AFC_Harrogate_0004

AFC_Harrogate_0005 AFC_Harrogate_0006 AFC_Harrogate_0007 AFC_Harrogate_0008 AFC_Harrogate_0009 AFC_Harrogate_0010 AFC_Harrogate_0011 AFC_Harrogate_0012 AFC_Harrogate_0013 AFC_Harrogate_0014 AFC_Harrogate_0015 AFC_Harrogate_0016 AFC_Harrogate_0017 AFC_Harrogate_0018 AFC_Harrogate_0019 AFC_Harrogate_0020 AFC_Harrogate_0021 AFC_Harrogate_0022 AFC_Harrogate_0023 AFC_Harrogate_0024 AFC_Harrogate_0025 AFC_Harrogate_0026 AFC_Harrogate_0027 AFC_Harrogate_0028 AFC_Harrogate_0029 AFC_Harrogate_0030 AFC_Harrogate_0031 AFC_Harrogate_0032 AFC_Harrogate_0033 AFC_Harrogate_0034 AFC_Harrogate_0035 AFC_Harrogate_0036 AFC_Harrogate_0037 AFC_Harrogate_0038 AFC_Harrogate_0039 AFC_Harrogate_0040 AFC_Harrogate_0041 AFC_Harrogate_0042 AFC_Harrogate_0043 AFC_Harrogate_0044 AFC_Harrogate_0045 AFC_Harrogate_0046 AFC_Harrogate_0047 AFC_Harrogate_0048 AFC_Harrogate_0049 AFC_Harrogate_0050 AFC_Harrogate_0051 AFC_Harrogate_0052 AFC_Harrogate_0053 AFC_Harrogate_0054 AFC_Harrogate_0055 AFC_Harrogate_0056 AFC_Harrogate_0057 AFC_Harrogate_0058 AFC_Harrogate_0059 AFC_Harrogate_0060 AFC_Harrogate_0061 AFC_Harrogate_0062 AFC_Harrogate_0063 AFC_Harrogate_0064 AFC_Harrogate_0065 AFC_Harrogate_0066 AFC_Harrogate_0067

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