Duncombe Park Country Fair

Took a trip along to the Duncombe Park Country Fair in Helmsley today for a few hours. Set in the grounds of one of Yorkshire’s most historic houses and estates this annual one-day event which was formed in 1982 celebrates all aspects of the countryside and is billed as the original country fair of Yorkshire.

On the list of things to see today were the hounds that were brought in from various hunts around the region and from across the country and which were shown in one of the arenas as well as a small selection that followed a tail across the fields. The pony and horse events of course were a regular feature as well as archery, clowns, the riding skills of the Equestrian Theatre Scotland, fly-fishing and loads more all set in the spectacular grounds of the park. So check it out next year you won’t be disappointed….

Here’s a few from this morning:

DSCF1559 DSCF1562 DSCF1575 DSCF1578 DSCF1580 DSCF1583 DSCF1606 DSCF1620 DSCF1627 DSCF1633 DSCF1653 DSCF1670 DSCF1683 DSCF1693 DSCF1695 DSCF1701 DSCF1709 DSCF1718 IFXT0014 IFXT0018 IFXT0019 IFXT0022 IFXT0027 IFXT0028 IFXT0031 IFXT0038 L1002276 L1002285 L1002296 L1002299 L1002306 L1002316


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Photographs copyright Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

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