So the day finally arrived. Thursday 7th May 2015. Polling day.

All that remained was for the people to play their part. To make their way to the nearest polling station, mark their choice, stick it in the box and change the world. Or maybe not.

On assignment for Getty Images I covered a number of the polling stations around my area to get some generic ‘pictures of polling stations’ which all help to fill the media appetite on the lead up to the results coming in. Then later that evening I attended the count in Sunderland. For the past five elections Sunderland has been the first in the country to count the votes and declare its winners. So covering this was of interest. Late last night they were successful once again and returned three constituency results all before midnight. An incredible achievement when you consider all that must be done at a count to ensure accuracy.

But their well rehearsed and practiced machine worked well and the results showed Labour winning in all three of the constituencies. First across the post was Bridget Phillipson representing Houghton and Sunderland South. Behind her was Julie Elliot representing Sunderland Central and Sharon Hodgson of Washington and Sunderland West.

There were somewhere in the region of 100 media representatives accredited to attend the count. Photographers, Radio, TV – Even Eamonn Holmes and Fiona Bruce turned up so now you know it must have been an important event! To keep the floor of the count as clear as possible photographs from ground level were shot on a pool basis by Paul Kingston from North News and Pictures with everyone else confined to the balcony area. Whilst a little frustrating to not get the access I might want this is the way of it at times and it’s fair enough so I just had to shoot what I could from the position I was allowed in and see where it went from there.

Once Sunderland had come to an end I then headed down to photograph the count at Redcar and as the hours dragged by into the early morning the count finally finished and the Labour candidate Anna Turley was announced as the winner for the constituency.

So below are a few of my pictures from the day, and the evening, and the night and the errr morning! Twas a long day indeed!



DSCF0310A DSCF0326 DSCF0329 DSCF0390A DSCF0408 DSCF0451 DSCF0534A DSCF0542A

DSCF0563 L1002107

IFXT0025 IFXT0024 IFXT0021 IFXT0022




L1002119 IFXT0026 IFXT0007A IFXT0005 IFXT0002 DSCF0598 DSCF0590 DSCF0583

IFXT0014 DSCF0643 DSCF0619





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