The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Shadow Deputy Prime Minister, Harriet Harman arrived in Stockton-on-Tees today to join the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Stockton South, Louise Baldock as they went for a wander around the High Street to try and gain support from shoppers.

The visit came as part of Labour’s campaign ahead of the General Election on May 7 which is predicted to be Britain’s closest national election. After the walkabout they jumped aboard the ‘Pink Bus’ and headed to Grangefield Youth and Community Centre to meet women voters to chat about the issues that they were concerned about ahead of the election.

On assignment for Getty Images I spent the day photographing the visit…


The Visit


Stockton_Visit_0708 Stockton_Visit_0709 Stockton_Visit_0710 Stockton_Visit_0711 Stockton_Visit_0712 Stockton_Visit_0713 Stockton_Visit_0714 Stockton_Visit_0715 Stockton_Visit_0716 Stockton_Visit_0717 Stockton_Visit_0718 Stockton_Visit_0719 Stockton_Visit_0720 Stockton_Visit_0721 Stockton_Visit_0722

On the ‘Pink Bus’

Pink_Bus_0723 Pink_Bus_0725 Pink_Bus_0726 Pink_Bus_0727 Pink_Bus_0728 Pink_Bus_0724Pink_Bus_0729

The Meeting

Community_Centre_0730 Community_Centre_0731 Community_Centre_0732 Community_Centre_0733 Community_Centre_0734 Community_Centre_0735 Community_Centre_0736 Community_Centre_0737 Community_Centre_0738 Community_Centre_0740 Community_Centre_0741 Community_Centre_0743 Community_Centre_0744 Community_Centre_0745Community_Centre_0739


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