Newcastle becomes United

Newcastle was very much united today as the city, its inhabitants and many others who travelled in from further afield came together to hold a counter-demonstration and march in response to a demonstration by the German based far right movement – PEGIDA. The group formed originally by a German PR agency owner called Lutz Bachmann, held its first ever demonstration in the UK and three to four hundred people attended.

The group whose name translates as ‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamification of the West‘ claim to be trying to defend countries from the spread of extremism at the hands of Muslim immigrants.

In response, a newly formed group called ‘Newcastle Unites’ quickly put the word out and organised a counter-march and community groups, trade unionists, political figures, anti-facists, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Islamic communities and other men, women, children and families formed a three thousand strong multi-cultural group that marched through the centre of the city in response to the Pegida demonstration….


Here’s a few pictures from the day that I shot whilst on assignment for Getty Images , you can see more via the link, and I’ve broken the pictures down into 4 groups as you will see from the sub-title above each set…


Anti-Pegida Demonstration organised by Newcastle Unites

Anti_Pagida_0036 Anti_Pagida_0037 Anti_Pagida_0038 Anti_Pagida_0039 Anti_Pagida_0040 Anti_Pagida_0041 Anti_Pagida_0042

Anti_Pagida_0035 Anti_Pagida_0043 Anti_Pagida_0044 Anti_Pagida_0045 Anti_Pagida_0046 Anti_Pagida_0047 Anti_Pagida_0048 Anti_Pagida_0049 Anti_Pagida_0050 Anti_Pagida_0051 Anti_Pagida_0052 Anti_Pagida_0053



Police_0067 Police_0069 Police_0070 Police_0071

Pegida Demonstration

Pagida_0062 Pagida_0054

Pagida_0055 Pagida_0056 Pagida_0057 Pagida_0058 Pagida_0059 Pagida_0060 Pagida_0061 Pagida_0063 Pagida_0064


Random_0065 Random_0066



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