The Chinese community came together today to welcome in the Chinese New Year in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Dragon and Lion dances and a celebration of Chinese culture and food were enjoyed by thousands of people who attended the event in the Chinatown area of the city…



Chinese_New_Year_0001 Chinese_New_Year_0002 Chinese_New_Year_0003 Chinese_New_Year_0004 Chinese_New_Year_0005 Chinese_New_Year_0006 Chinese_New_Year_0007 Chinese_New_Year_0008 Chinese_New_Year_0009 Chinese_New_Year_0010 Chinese_New_Year_0011 Chinese_New_Year_0012 Chinese_New_Year_0013 Chinese_New_Year_0014 Chinese_New_Year_0015 Chinese_New_Year_0016 Chinese_New_Year_0017 Chinese_New_Year_0018 Chinese_New_Year_0019 Chinese_New_Year_0020 Chinese_New_Year_0021


Chinese_New_Year_0022 Chinese_New_Year_0023 Chinese_New_Year_0024



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