Labour Party members were out on a cold and snowy afternoon in Eston recently to knock on some doors and meet some of the residents as they work the campaign trail on the build up to the general election this coming May. Labour party candidate for the election in May, Anna Turley led the afternoon’s canvassing which brought them into contact with some of the people who live within that part of the Redcar constituency and who are currently represented by Ian Swales of the Liberal Democrats.

The campaigning that take place at this grassroots level and which all parties conduct across the whole country is an integral part of the political process and as momentum builds as we get closer to May 7th all parties will be increasing the tempo of these essential support-building and potential vote-winning activities.


I’ve started this project on the #Grassroots activities in this area as part of coverage for Getty Images as we head towards the election in May. I hope to be able to spend time with as many of the parties as I can over the next few months as they go door-to-door campaigning, distributing leaflets, conducting action days and canvassing in their areas as they try and secure those all important votes and to show some of what goes on behind the scenes as the political parties increase the tempo of their campaigns.

This is the second post in the #Grassroots series. The first, featuring a visit to the area by the Labour Shadow minister Dan Jarvis can be seen here…

Grassroots – Dormanstown

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