Spent the morning shooting pictures down at Middleham Gallops today as the jockeys rode out with the racehorses from the various racing stables based around the area as the winter weather started to take hold in this part of Yorkshire…



Middleham_Gallops_0025 Middleham_Gallops_0026 Middleham_Gallops_0027 Middleham_Gallops_0028 Middleham_Gallops_0029 Middleham_Gallops_0030 Middleham_Gallops_0031

Middleham_Gallops_0032 Middleham_Gallops_0033Middleham_Gallops_0036

Middleham_Gallops_0034 Middleham_Gallops_0035 Middleham_Gallops_0037 Middleham_Gallops_0038 Middleham_Gallops_0039 Middleham_Gallops_0040 Middleham_Gallops_0041 Middleham_Gallops_0042 Middleham_Gallops_0043 Middleham_Gallops_0045 Middleham_Gallops_0046 Middleham_Gallops_0047 Middleham_Gallops_0048 Middleham_Gallops_0049 Middleham_Gallops_0050 Middleham_Gallops_0051 Middleham_Gallops_0052 Middleham_Gallops_0053 Middleham_Gallops_0054 Middleham_Gallops_0055 Middleham_Gallops_0056 Middleham_Gallops_0057

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Images remain copyright Ian Forsyth – No usage without arrangement.

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