The Whitby Goth weekend began in 1994 and usually happens twice each year. Hundreds of extravagantly dressed people who enjoy Steampunk, Cybergoth, Militaria, Romanticism or Victoriana visit the North Yorkshire seaside town over the weekend to take part in a celebration of Goth culture.

Below are a selection of some of the pictures I shot from Saturday…



Whitby_Goth_Weekend_089A hearse is parked at West cliff in Whitby

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_090Gabriel Simpson from York is the ‘Jester’

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_091Robin Middlehurst, 8, from Cheshire

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_092David and Carol Price from Peterborough

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_093Sitting on the bench

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_094Frankie Wells, 20 from Scunthorpe

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_095Phillip and Margaret Burton from Ashbourne in Derbyshire

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_096Vampire slayer Eden Ratcliffe from Chorley in Lancashire

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_097Julie and David Grey from Newton Aycliffe in County Durham

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_098Imogen Barratt, 6, from Stockton

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_099Lesley Scaife from Harrogate

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_100The mask

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_101Sitting on a bench on the steps up to St Mary’s church

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_102In the grounds of St Mary’s church, Whitby

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_103In the grounds of St Mary’s church, Whitby

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_104Gavin Woodward from Middlesbrough

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_105The rose

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_106A woman sits in the grounds of St Mary’s church

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_107Diane Goldby and Glenn Baldwin

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_108Amy Smith from Cheshire

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_109Amy Smith from Cheshire

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_110Millie Collins, 12, from Halifax

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_111Molly Eynon from Lincoln

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_112Colette Rimmer, 10, from Wigan

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_113Goth dog

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_114A woman looks out from under her brolly

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_115Steam punk

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_117Dressed in Victoriana military Ron McGloure from Teesside poses for a picture

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_118 Street cafe

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_119All dressed up

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_120Lace brolly

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_121Everild Breen, also known as ‘Aunty Em’ from Keighley in Bradford

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_122Red Riding Hood makes a withdrawal

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_123Sitting on a bench at West Cliff

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_125Cool shades

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_126First aid pint

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_127Photographers take pictures of a girl standing in a doorway

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_128Black and white

Whitby_Goth_Weekend_116A girl poses for pictures

You can see some of the picture uses below and those that ran on the Guardian website can be seen here

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 08.06.34

Scotland on Sunday

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 08.07.16

The ObserverScreen Shot 2014-04-27 at

Images remain copyright Ian Forsyth/Getty Images

Getty Images

See more of my work here…….

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